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tensegrity This is an historical component of the website, with an adaptation of my old practitioner website: I'm fond of the work I used to do, even if I do not practice now. My business logo is on the opening page of the website (have a peek by clicking on the leaf logo).    


Cranial Sacral Therapy

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Returning the fluidity to the connective tissue network of the body has many health benefits. Pain from restricted tissues (eg. tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome) can often be quickly relieved by releasing the associated fascial network. Increased range of motion and muscle relaxation allow better circulation and tissue respiration. A bonus is the tissue sculpting that results: this diagram really shows what can happen as a Structural Integration series progresses. While all forms of Structural Integration can achieve this effect, the experience of the work, the completeness of the process and the long-term stability of the results can vary between the methods. For me, the gentleness and three-aspect approach of Hellerwork are key to its continuing popularity.

The Bodywork

The bodywork focuses on the fascia of the body. Fascia is the connective tissue which is found throughout the body as sheets and sheathes and as wrapping throughout muscle. When a muscle needs help doing a particular job or motion (this includes repeated body language patterns and motion restrictions from injuries e.g. limping) or is exposed to a repeated stress, the layers of fascia within and around the muscle start to stick together, holding the body in a pattern that has minimized the stress, perhaps long beyond the time of need.

Hellerwork releases these restrictions using fingers, knuckles, elbows, and arms with a variety of techniques. Since deep fascial work may find tender areas, there is constant interaction and feedback from the client to minimize any discomfort. What emerges over the series of 11 sessions is an increasing range of motion and flexibility, a rebalancing of the body, and reduced postural stress. This returns the client to a naturally good posture which works with gravity instead of fighting it.


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