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Cranial Sacral Therapy

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While the bodywork thoroughly and gently loosens the myofascial restrictions that impede movement and compromise your body structure, what good has been done if your old movement and posture habits undo the work, causing you to need the series again? It is the movement education that carries the work beyond the table.

The postural and movement work is based on two simple concepts. The first is that the body's form is based on the body's movement just as much as the movement is limited by the form of the body (the latter is the classic approach to physiology). The second is the belief that the human form developed to have and express movement of fluidity and grace, stamina and strength when aligned with the force of gravity.

The movement exploration is designed to address how to use your body in your daily activities. Each session heightens awareness of habitual patterns and expands your capacity for creating, exploring and learning new ones. These explorations can be tailored to encompass your favorite sports or special needs.

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